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David Goodman

independent gaffer/key grip/CLT

Associate Producer(G&E)  contact: david@goodmangrip.com 

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David Goodman Gaffer / Key Grip / Associate Producer (G&E)

positive attitude    integrity     ingenuity     strong work ethic     experience    reliability

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Production Lighting for branded content, music video, web content, short film

David Goodman

Gaffer / Key Grip / Associate Producer (G&E)

See My Video Portfolio At

Specially outfitted Chevy Equinox. Designed to hold my base grip equipment package. Small footprint for smaller size productions

Utilizing modern LED technologies; grip/electric and quality film and video lighting can have a smaller "foot-print" than ever before. Small size productions no longer have to sacrifice lighting options and solutions because of space, location, power and other common challenges encountered outside of the big studio settings.

Who I Am

I am an independent, non-union production lighting specialist who always brings a great attitude to work. I really love my job and it shows in my work ethic. I have over 15 years experience in professional production lighting. I have an excellent understanding of the equipment and techniques used in production lighting, grip, electric and rigging. In-studio and on location experience. I work hard to make the productions I work on run smoothly and efficiently. I bring experience and forward thinking and I work well in a team environment. I strive to provide prompt, friendly and comprehensive customer service.






Experience, Creativity,


I see through the eyes of an artist and I take my job very seriously. I bring these qualities to my over 15 years in entertainment lighting along with a great attitude.

Location/Tech Scouting

Determining a location for your project is so important. I will happily join your location scouts to determine your G&E challenges and goals.



Putting together a great lighting plan can save money and time in equipment and progress on set. I can work with your DP, Director and Producers to make a solid lighting scheme.

Punctual and Reliable

Nobody is perfect but I strive to be early to every call time. My work is very important to me and to our success so you can rely on me to show up ready for work.

Works With Budgets Others Don't

Specializing in mid-size to smaller productions with modest budgets. With my lighting support and small grip package you just add the lights you want. For bigger needs I work with several equipment partners to offer great rentals up to 3 ton combo.

Contact me directly

David Goodman

Key Grip / Gaffer / Chief Lighting Designer

+1 818.621.9091


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