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© 2020 by David Andrew Goodman.


1.cancellations of crew less than 3 business days prior to shoot incur a $150 per person cancellation fee (kill fee)

2.jobs booked on a friday for a monday shoot require full upfront payment. Jobs booked on a friday for a monday shoot may have limited options 3.for equipment add-ons or  options available

4.multiple locations using the 3-ton trailer package will incur separate delivery/drop off fees

5. 2.50 per mile charge for equipment delivery outside of the tmz

6.cleaning charges may apply for equipment used at the beach or desert

7.no equipment may be used in water

8.David Goodman GoodmanRripCo assumes no liability or responsibility for damages to or by equipment rented from a 3rd party vendor

9.Certificate Of Insurance required for all equipment rentals. COI must be provided by each individual production company and is job specific. 10.David Goodman and GoodmanGripCo does not provide any insurance of any kind.

11.David Goodman and GoodmanGripCo assumes no responsibility for damages or injuries caused during the normal course of filming/content creation due to equipment or otherwise.

12.All individuals and companies referred by David Goodman are private contractors and are responsible for their own taxes, deal memos, payments etc.

13.All productions are required to have the appropriate filming permits and permissions as provided for by each individual county law and regulation concerning filming, special effects, street closures etc.

14.When working on public or private streets or where vehicles are being powered and moved all safety gear is to be provided by each individual production company to each crew member/employee ie safety vests, fall protection, traffic cones, safety and or traffic lighting,